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Both the After School Program and Early Years Foundation Programs employ a unique teaching approach. We use a combination of research based methods including a precision teaching and direct instruction curriculum. Together with a strong classroom management model, this leads to rapid academic progress, an increase in critical thinking, and independency skills in all of our students.

All skills are inter-linked and built upon each other. For instance, good language skills leads to fluent and independent reading skills; strong reading skills help to build solid comprehension and analysis skills; comprehension and analytical skills lead to strong problem solving, math concepts, and writing skills. Therefore the Aspiration Academy Teaching Model employs a comprehensive learning model that combines core literacy and thinking skills each student needs to become an independent individual.

  • Application and problem solving activities are built-in each lesson.
  • Our strong classroom management model helps students to build up strong independency skills.
  • Every Friday class consists of an application exercise and test to ensure students acquire the skills taught that week.
  • Teamwork and peer-coaching are incorporated to promote social skills and presentation skills.

After School Program

It is important for young learners to develop strong independency and critical thinking skills during their young age, therefore:

  • Lessons are taught in a play-based and activity-based approach to enhance direct learning experience.
  • Problem solving activities and tests are built into every lesson to practice application of new skills.
  • A strong classroom management model is used to teach our learners to build their independency, early social skills and life skills.

Early Years  Foundation  Programs