Aspiration Academy provides a programme which combines the content and objectives of the Ontario Curriculum with the methodology of Precision Teaching-based teaching and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles. Classes started from Pre-K, Kindergarten, to School-Age.

All students are assigned to classes according to both skill level and age to promote the development of social skills along with academics. Our programme features small classes and a low teacher-to-student ratio to ensure all students receive the support and attention needed from our teachers.

We believe each student has their unique learning styles, strengths and weaknesses; therefore, we employ a broad and evidence-based curriculum, with individualized goals to support each student. Our approach to teaching and learning is to engage, motivate and develop the unique potential of each student.

A systematic approach is used to support the retention of skills and knowledge taught in the classroom environment. Lessons are designed to incorporate modeling, repetition, and review to ensure that all students attain mastery of the material. Field trips and special activities are arranged on a regular basis to promote the generalization of skills attained in the classroom and to provide the opportunity for the practical application of skills in a natural environment.

Areas of focus in our programme include:

  • Developing strong learning readiness skills
  • Developing early problem solving skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Academic (literacy, math, science, cultural)
  • Social awareness and social competency
  • Motor and physical skills

Parent involvement and cares is vital in supporting the student’s progress. We recognize that parents are experts when it comes to their own children. To ensure this involvement, we encourage parents to be closely involved in setting goals for our students that all parents are encouraged to attend regular parents meeting and/or observations. We also invite our parents to continuous training, support session, and/or workshops that are hosted by our school.